The Most Brutal And The Saddest Death Scenes In Game Of Thrones Season 4

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The Most Brutal And The Saddest Death Scenes In Game Of Thrones Season 5
Death Scenes Season 4

Are you ready for more? ‘Game of Thrones’ is getting more and more brutal and even more sad scenes follow in ‘Game of Thrones’ season 4. These are the most brutal and the saddest death scenes in ‘Game of Thrones’ season 4.

Joffrey’s death

Death Scenes Season 4

This is the moment that all have been waiting for. A lot of people were satisfied with Joffrey’s death but still this is also a sad scene since the boy dies in his mother’s arms.

The wildlings massacre people

Once they were able to cross the Wall, the wildlings started killing people. One village near the Wall is massacred by the wildlings. Very disturbing and brutal scene.

‘An eye for an eye’

Death Scenes Season 4

Wile she was travelling to Mereen, Daenerys paid attention to the markers that the masters put as a pathway to Mereen. Once she had power, Daenerys ordered for the markers to be replaced with the masters.

The death of the mutineers at Craster’s place

Jon was able to convince the men of The Watch that the mutiny at Craster’s place should be ended.  Jon and several volunteers go back at Craster’s place and they are able to end the mutiny. This is also very sad scene since Bran decides not to show himself to Jon and to continue his journey way North. 

Lady Lysa’s death

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7

Ok, this Lady was obviously a nut case and so she was properly punished. Although we cannot see her actual death, we can imagine the picture of her landing from the flight from the ‘Moon door’.

Drogon kills a little girl

Daenerys receives a man for hearing and he shows Daenerys a burnt skeleton. She learns that her dragon has killed a 3-year-old girl. The anger and sadness in Daenerys eyes are growing bigger as she decides to lock her dragons away.

Skinned people

Death Scenes Season 4

Moat Calin was retaken by Ramsey with Theon’s help. Very brutal and disturbing scene is seen when Ramsey shows to Theon the skinned people.

The fight on the Wall

This fight is one of the saddest scenes in the season since Ygritte is killed and she dies in Jon’s arms. Also, this episode has a lot of death scenes and lot of brutality can be seen here.

Tyrion’s second trial by combat

Game Of Thrones Facts Part 4

One of the most brutal death scenes is the fight between prince Oberyn and The Mountain. Oberyn was on a roll while fighting The Mountain. Oberyn made lethal damage to The Mountain but somehow he lost his power and then The Mountain smashed Oberyn’s head like a bug.

Jojen’s death

They finally got to their destination, the tree where they can find the Three-eyed raven. Unfortunately, the group is being attacked by skeletons and Jojen is killed.

Tyrion kills Shae and Tywin

Death Scenes Season 4

These deaths were more than brutal since Tyrion decided to kill his father and his lover. Althoug Shae deserved punishment for betraying Tyrion, he had a heavy heart while strangling the only woman he had ever loved. 

The fate of The Hound

The epic battle between Brienne and The Hound ended with The Hound being deadly wounded. He begged for Arya to end his suffering, but she left him to suffer and to die alone. 

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