All Deleted Scenes From Season 1 To 5 Game Of Thrones In One Video

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Game of Thrones has every year a lot of filmed footage and it takes a lot to make it to the final product. In that process some scenes form Game of Thrones are cut and deleted. The YouTuber Weirwood gathered all these deleted scenes and put them into a long video. You can see scenes like:

1. Loras and Margery have a conversation after Renly’s death

2. Sansa encounters The Hound in The Red Keep and Tyrion saves her

3. Jon meets Mance Rayder(extended version)

4. Tywin and Pycelle talk about Pycelle’s seat on the Small Council

5. Bronn talking with Shae after her meeting with Tyrion


In addition to this video, we there is a video with deleted scenes from season 6, in which you can see how Lady Olenna plots against the Lannisters with her son, extended version of Arya Stark watching the play in Braavos and deleted scene from Castle Black.

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