Ed Sheeran Deletes his Twitter Account after Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

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For the true fans of Game of Thrones and Ed Sheeran, it was no surprise that he will appear in season 7. Ok, maybe weren’t expecting him in the season’s premiere, but there he goes. Shortly after the premiere and criticism over his cameo appearance, Ed Sheeran has deleted his account on Twitter.

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Now why is that so? Well, this is not the first time for Ed to ‘break up’ with his Twitter account. Before the release of his album ‘Divide’ he ‘took a break’ from social media for almost a year. His excuse was that he had been sick of seeing the world ‘through a screen’.

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We surely doubt that this is the same reason for deleting his Tweeter account this time. After the premiere of Game of Thrones, fans were complaining all over the social network on Ed’s performance in Game of Thrones.




Sheeran appeared as a Lannister soldier in a scene with Maisie Williams. A lot of positive criticism appeared but the bad one prevailed. The criticism that appeared was mostly about the little or no attempt to disguise Ed’s cameo.

This is not the first time for famous artists to appear in Game of Thrones, but they were more difficult to be spot in their scenes (Will Champion, the drummer of Coldplay and Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol).

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The reason for Ed’s appearance was previously explained by the co-showrunner David Benioff: “We knew that Maisie [Williams] was a big fan of Ed Sheeran, and for years we’ve been trying to get him on the show so we can surprise Maisie. This year we finally did it.”

However, we don’t know for sure whether he will return again in the next episode. It is possible that Maisie’s surprise will stick a little bit longer in the show. What do you think?



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