The Filming Of Game Of Thrones Season 7 In Iceland Is Confirmed

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After 59 episodes hearing “Winter is coming” in season 6 finale for the first time we heard the words “Winter is here”. Sansa and Jon finally acknowledged the arrival of winter and said it out loud.

Word is that season 7 will be a lot colder than previous season and due to that season 7 will be filmed in some colder country. Winter is here and a lot more snow will be needed.

The usual season premiere of Game of Thrones is some date in April, but for season 7 fans have to wait until ‘summer 2017’.

According to an Icelandic news site, HBO will film the series in Iceland in January and some representatives for the cable networking have already met with the locals and they have discussed about the filming.


Which of the characters will be filming in Iceland?

The report says that six major characters will be filming in Iceland but the question remains about which ones.

From where we stand, our guess is that Jon, Sansa, Tormund and Lord Baelish will appear since they ended in Winterfell in season 6 finale.

Also Bran and Meera are still north of The Wall so they could be the remaining two characters. Yet, Arya headed home the previous season and Brienne has not returned to Winterfell.

So who will be filming in the deep winter?

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