Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 (Episode 1)

Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 (Episode 2)
Game OF Thrones Season 2 episode 1
Game Of Thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 1)
Game Of Thrones Season 1 episode 1

 “The First Encounter”

Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 Episode 1 – Did you place yourself nicely on the couch? Good. Now hold yourself tight because what you are about to see will blow your mind and body. The introduction to the Game of thrones series with episode 1 of season 1 is very grotesque and mind-blowing,  getting your attention and makes you want to see more.

Starting  with a scene behind the wall, the man of the Night’s watch explore the wilderness in search of the wildlings, but what one of them finds is a disturbing scene of dead people, men, women and children, one of which is nailed on a tree with a spear. The man rushes back to his fellows to inform them about the dead but when they come back to the place no bodies are found.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 1 “A White Walker”

And this is when the scary part begins – a dead men rising from the snow kills one of them with a sword. No, it’s not just any kind of dead men you’ve seen in movies, no zombies, no Frankenstein, these are the White walkers with scary blue eyes piercing through your soul, defected and frozen  bodies, and super strength. Two of the men are killed and the scene ends without telling us what happens to the young man. But we can guess, right?

The story continues with one of the most important families in Game of thrones – the Stark family of Winterfell. We can see them in their castle doing everyday activities when an information comes to Ned Stark, the defender of the North,  about a deserter from the wall. The deserter is actually the young man who’s been fighting the white walkers. How is that possible?

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 1 ” Ned Stark preparing to pass the sentence”

Well, later on in this episode 1 of Game of thrones season 1 it is said that the white walkers have been gone for thousands of years , and now when they are back they probably left the young man live only to spread the information about their comeback. However, Ned cuts his head off as a punishment for being a deserter.

“Winter is coming” this phrase is mentioned for the first time in season 1 episode 1 by Ned Stark. Now what did he mean? Will it be cold? Will it snow a lot? Or will the white walkers come?  On their way back they found a dead direwolf  and 6 little ones, and they decide to keep the young ones, one for each of Ned’s children.

“Meeting The Royal Family”

The story continues with a new scene in King’s landing – capital of the seven kingdoms in Game of thrones. Cersei Lannister , the queen and Jaime Lannister her brother  are talking  about a dead man, about a secret, they are talking in codes the first time you see episode 1 of Game of thrones season 1. 

But later on you will discover they were talking  about John Arryn, the Hand of the king, who is allegedly being murdered over some secret he knew.  The king, Robert Baratheon  is in search of a new Hand of the king so he goes to Winterfell to ask Ned to do this job.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

Season 1 Episode 1 ” The Stark family “

The king and Ned Stark are old friends. In their conversation down in the Winterfell crypt of the Stark family we listen to a story how Robert was in love with Ned’s sister. He asks Ned to be his advisor, the Hand of the king, telling him that he has no friends left and that he feels like he is in danger. Also a suggestion is made by Robert to marry his son to Ned’s daughter so they can be bound by blood.  

Penthos-across the Narrow Sea is the place where the Targaryens are hiding. They are the children of the Mad king, the previous king, who was murdered by Jaime Lannister. The son, Viserys Targaryen,  is seeking vengeance and wants to take over the throne from the usurper. To complete this mission he needs an army and that is why he marries his sister Daenerys Targaryen  to Khal Drogo, a leader of the Dothraki tribe. He gives the khal a wife and the khal gives him an army.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 1 ” Daenerys Targaryen meets Khal Drogo “

At the feast in the house of Stark, Benjen, Ned’s brother, a ranger from the night’s watch shows up at the party. In a conversation with Ned’s bastard, Jon Snow reveals that he wants to take the black-to become a man of the watch. After the feast, a letter arrives in the night from Cat’s sister, Lysa Arryn. The letter informs them that she has fled from king’s Landing to her father’s home because she suspects that her husband, John Arryn was murdered by the Lannisters.

After this knowledge, Cat is begging Ned not to go with the king but Ned feels it’s his duty to protect the king and discover the truth about John’s death. The next morning,  Bran, Ned’s son climbs a tower and accidentally sees Jamie and Cersei having sex and to protect the secret, Jamie pushes Bran over the window, in hope of killing the boy.  

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 1 ” Jaime pushes Bran “

The episode 1 of Game of thrones season 1 gives us the basic information about who is who and what is what, but still when you see it for the first time there are a lot of gaps that need to be fill in and that is what makes  Game of thrones so interesting. The diversity of history and events, the connections between characters makes the serial moving, awakening question for the audience and making assumptions. A lot of clues are presented in episode 1.

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