Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 (Episode 7)

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Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 (Episode 8)
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Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 (Episode 6)
Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7

Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 Episode 7 – For the first time in Game of thrones we see Lord Tywin Lannister who is at his war tent talking with his son Jaime Lannister. Jaime tells his father about the events in King’s Landing and about Ned’s order for Tywin to appear at court.

Tywin explains to Jamie that his attack was a bad idea and he also tells him the importance of freeing Tyrion: “Every day that he remains a prisoner, the less our name commands respect.” Unaware of Tyrion’s trial by combat, Tywin sent Jaime with an army to make pressure over Catelyn Stark and her men.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 7 “Tywin Lannister talking to Jaime”

“You win or you die”

At King’s Landing, Ned tells Cersei that he has learned the truth about the origin of her children. He suggest the queen to flee from King’s Landing before Robert returns from his hunt and learn the truth from Ned.

Here Cersei replies with a threat to Ned “When you play the game of thrones you win or you die.” We feel her confidence in these words-she is very secure that she is on the winning side and she is not taking any actions for this matter.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 7 “Ned warns Cersei”

One by one, all enemies of the crown and the Starks reveal themselves in front of the audience with their actions and speeches. Littlefinger is one of them, revealing the story of his duel with Brandon Stark over Catelyn Tully, how he lost the duel and that she later married his brother, Ned Stark.

The love for her is still strong, but the despise for the Starks is even bigger and so, he says “I’m not going to fight them; I’m going to f**k them.”


Ned is impatient to reveal the truth but when the king returns from his hunt, he is deadly wounded and lies in his bed, saying goodbye to his family. When Ned enters the room the king demands for everybody to leave so they can talk in private.

The king tells his will and Ned writes it down so Robert signs and seals the document. His final wish is Ned to rule until Joffrey comes of age. Knowing the truth, Ned changes the words “son Joffrey” with “rightful heir” and doesn’t tell Robert the truth.

Ned is being convinced by different people to take different measures in the events that follow-Robert’s obviously will die but what happens depends mainly on Ned’s decision.

Ser Jorah Mormont betrayed Deanerys to Lord Varys in exchange for pardon of his crimes, but when the moment comes for a merchant to assassinate her at the market, Mormont changes his mind and saves Daenerys. When Khal Drogo learns of this attempt he declares war against Westeros. 

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 episode 7 “Jorah saves Daenerys”

“The oath”

At Castle Black, a horse from behind the wall approaches and the men discover it is Benjen’s horse. The rangers have been gone for days now and the people are worried to see the horse back alone. When Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly go beyond the wall to speak their vows for the Night’s watch, Jon’s direwolf runs in the wilderness and it comes back with a human hand in his mouth.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 7 “Ghost finds a hand”

Remember the first scene of Game of thrones season 1 episode 1? We can only imagine what they can find in their search of the lost rangers.

“The plan in action”

Renly Baratheon tells Ned to seize control of the throne before the Lannisters can take it for themselves. Littlefinger also tells Ned his plan for keeping the peace in the realm-Ned should make peace with the Lannisters and they should rule together.

As we can see already, the Lannisters are the greatest threat to the throne and they have already made a strategy for taking over the Iron Throne. Ned doesn’t listen to the advices and he is ready to confront Cersei with the letter that Robert gave him.

Convinced that his plan will work, Ned confronts the queen in the throne room which is surrounded by guards and The Kingsguard. When Cersei reads the letter she mocks Ned asking him if this was his shield.

Then the Lannister guards attack The Kingsguard and before he can realize what went wrong, Ned’s throat meets Littlefinger’s knife and listens to him saying “I did warn you not to trust me”.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 7 “Littlefinger betrays Ned”

The game for the throne has begun. Many threats and many claims for the Iron throne have been made in this episode 7 of Game of thrones season 1. Now the interesting part begins. Cersei claims her son Joffrey to be the rightful heir to the throne.

Ned claims Stannis Baratheon while the younger brother, Ranley claims the throne himself. On the other hand, Khal Drogo promised he will avenge the attempt on his wife’s life by killing everyone in Westeros and claiming the throne for himself.

 And who do you think will succeed? Who will sit on the Iron Throne?



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