Game Of Thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 1)

Game Of Thrones Season 1 episode 1
Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 (Episode 1)
Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2
Game Of Thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 2)
Game OF Thrones Season 2 episode 1

Game of thrones review season 2 episode 1- Here we are at the beginning of the new season 2 of Game of thrones. The game has already begun, the lions began to roar, the wolves were harmed and the dragons, well you already know what happened with the dragons.

What is more exciting is that we don’t know what will happen to everybody, I mean about the Throne, the dragons, the White Walkers, but we are about to find out soon in this season of Game Of Thrones.


At the beginning of episode 1 of season 2 we see king Joffrey celebrating his nameday where knights from King’s Lading are fighting to death for the king’s amusement. When offended by one knight’s drunk appearance at the celebration Joffrey orders the knight to be killed by drowning in wine.

Sansa, who sits beside the king, pleads for mercy for the knight telling Joffrey it’s bad luck to kill somebody on his nameday and so saves this man’s life. However, the entertainment is interrupted by Tyrion’s arrival, who immediately calls for a meeting of the Small Council.

He informs the members that he represents The Hand of the king in the absence of his father, Tywin Lannister. Cersei is not very happy with this decision, but Tyrion tells her that their father is not happy with her son’s murder of Ned Stark and then loosing Arya Stark.

Game OF Thrones

Season 2 Episode 1 “Tyrion arrives in King’s Landing”

We know from previous episodes that Tyrion is the child who is the shame in the family because he is a dwarf, but now he tells Cersei that she is the disappointing child because of these actions. They had three Starks to trade for Jaime, and now they only have Sansa.

Running through the woods in Winterfell, in his direwolf’s body, Bran can only think of this strange dream as he listens to his bannermen as Masester Luwin advises him.

Under the red comet that’s looming in the sky,Bran, Hodor and Osha follow his dream and retrace the steps he took, discussing about the falling star- it’s the symbol for dragons.

Yes, it’s true, three dragons have been born and in season 2 episode 1 we see them on Daenerys’ shoulders as she and her people travel across the Red Waste desert. All of them are starving and even the horses too.

Devastated of the situation, as she watches her horse collapse, she makes a decision to send three best riders off in different directions to search for people and cities.

Leaders and followers

In episode 1 we see that the men of the Night’s Watch go beyond the Wall, in search for the truth. They make a rest at the house of a wildling named Craster.

Craster’s home is full with women – he’s married all his daughters, who give birth to more daughters. Jon asked the same question I’ve been wondering at the time- “What does he do with his sons?” No answer there.

They all sit and learn about the situation beyond the wall. Mance, former brother of the Wall, is now the king beyond the wall and he is gathering an army and preparing for war with the men of the Wall.

During the conversation, Craster refers to them as “southerners” and Jon loses his temper. Commander Mormont argues with Jon and tells him to follow orders and to learn how to lead one day. We can sense his plans about Jon from this conversation, he intends to prepare Jon for his successor.

Game OF Thrones

Season 2 Episode 1 “Jon argues with Mormont”

Anyway, we see a whole new picture of leaders and followers with Lord Stannis Baratheon appearance for the first time in Game of thrones. He is the current ruler of Dragonstone island and brother of the late king Robert Baratheon, true hair of the throne.

Yet, we don’t see him on the throne, he and the inhabitants of the island are gathered on the beach to worship the Lord of light. The ceremony is leaded by the red priestess Melisandre. All who are present at the ceremony are looking at it with amazement.Stannis believes that the throne is his by right and that the priestess will only give him more power with which he can take the Iron Thone.

Game OF Thrones

Season 2 Episode 1 “Melisandre performs the ritual”

However, the house Maester tries to convince Ser Davos, Stannis’ advisor, that the priestess will ruin their lord. Only he has doubts about the priestess and during the dinner he tries to poison her.He offers Melisandre a cup of wine and drinks from it to earn her trust. While the Maester falls down dead from the wine, the priestess stays alive although she drank from the same cup.

Dangerous decisions

Robb Stark meets with Jaime Lannister who is now a prisoner of the Stark family at their war camp. Robb tells him that he knows the whole truth  about Joffrey’s origin, Ned’s beheading and the attempt on Bran’s life.

Jaime replies with an ironic speech but Robb lets his direwolf to enter the so-called cell in order to frighten Jaime. When the direwolf approaches, we can sense the fear in Jaime’s eyes.

Game OF Thrones

Season 2 Episode 1 “Jaime and the direwolf

As soon as Robb leaves Jaime he sends his peace terms to King’s Landing by sending them through a messenger, although he knows that the king will not agree to his demands. Maybe he does this on purpose just to have a reason to go in war and avenge his father, don’t you think?

Anyway, Theon tells Robb that they need ships if they want to win the war and so he convinces Robb to send him to his father, Balon Grejoy, and ask his help. Catelyn thinks that Robb has made a terrible decision by doing so, but he still thinks that any help can do so he sends his mother to negotiate with Renly Baratheon to join forces.

Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, we see Joffrey having his throne redecorated and talking to his mother. He has heard rumors about his father’s bastard sons and asks Cersei about the truth.

His question is very inappropriately asked and so in anger she slaps the king -an act punishable by law. Madly furious, he decides not to punish her and instead he threatens her never to do that.

Although young, Joffrey is very powerful and even more evil. It’s more than obvious now that no one has control over the king, not even his own mother. It’s a very dangerous situation now that he has all the power and control over the kingdom.

Game OF Thrones

Season 2 Episode 1 “The search for Robert’s bastards”

We can taste of Joffrey’s wickedness in the final scenes as we see children being murdered all around King’s Landing, and you can guess which ones, right? Yes, the bastard children of Robert Baratheon have been massacred, all except one, Gendry, the smith’s apprentice who ran away to become a brother of the Night’s Watch.



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