Game Of thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 5)

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4
Game Of thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 4)
Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6
Game Of thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 6)
Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5

Game of thrones review season 2 episode 5- The shadowy creature is in full power, we see the nature of his existence in this episode 5. It was created to do the dirty work for Stannis- killing his own brother Renly Baratheon.

While Renly and Catelyn talk about their war plans, totally unaware of the danger that lures, a shadowy creature in the size and shape of a man enter the tent and kills Renly with a dagger. Lady Brienne screams loudly and when Renly’s  guards enter, they think Brienne killed their king. She quickly overpowers them and kills them but Catelyn tells her that they have no choice but to flee from there.

“Save yourselves”

After the horrible events in Renly’s camp we see how Stannis approaches with his fleet. Angry but scared for their lives Margaery and Loras accept Littlefinger’s advice to go with him to King’s Landing and pledge loyalty to the Lannisters. By doing so, they will have their revenge by fighting against Stannis. Margaery makes it clear that she wants to be “the queen”.

As they have no king to guide them now, Renly’s men decide to fight for Stannis. Now that he has a bigger army he will surely be victorious and that’s why Davos tries to convince him to get rid of the priestess, to put aside the witchcraft during the attack.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5

Season 2 Episode 5 “Brienne offers her service to Catelyn Stark”

Still in shock, Brienne and Catelyn ride for Robb’s camp and they discuss the previous events. Brienne is convinced that she saw the figure of Stannis in the form of the shadowy creature that killed Renly and she wants to go back and kill Stannis.

Catelyn, however, tries to comfort her that one day she will have her revenge, not today, it would be a suicide mission because Stannis has a big army. Brienne offers her service to Catelyn and she gladly accepts.

“A powerful substance”

The news of Renly’s death reaches King’s Landing as well as the news of Stannis’ increased number of army. Still, Cersei is not very interested or concerned about this event and she shows her anger towards Tyrion because of his marrying off of Myrcella.

However, Tyrion has his way of getting the truth, and he now discovers that Joffrey has a plan how to defense the city. A very powerful substance, called a “wildfire” has been created and the king intends to use it when Stannis attacks the city.

Tyrion goes to meet with a man from the Alchemists’ Guild to discover more about this substance. The man tells Tyrion that the “wildfire” is very powerful and that it can melt everything, steel, wood, stone and even flesh.There are more than 7,000 jars of this substance stored in a room and Tyrion is very interested in this weapon so he orders the man to make the “wildfire” for him now.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5

Season 2 Episode 5 “Tyrion discovers the wildfire”

“The siege”

Preparing to leave for Winterfell, Theon is thrilled to see his ship and gives orders to his men. But he lacks leadership skills and so he is being mocked by the men. Even Yara, his sister mocks him and all of them leave for boarding on the ship.

One of his men tells Theon that he has to prove himself so that the men can respect him. This and another advice that this man gives to Theon bring a smile on his face because an idea occurred to him how to achieve that.

During his meetings with the common people, Bran receives news about the siege of Torrhen’s Square. He immediately sends Ser Rodrik Cassel and the other troops to fight with the invaders and defend the city. Since Robb has taken most of the men to fight in his war there aren’t many men left to defend Winterfell now, so we can all very easy guess what will happen next.

“A marriage proposal”

Meanwhile in Qarth, Daenerys and her people have made themselves comfortable in their new home. Daenerys receives a gift from Xaro Xhaon Daxos. He has sent her a dress, as a sign of his wealth. She has doubts about receiving the dress, sensing the hidden intentions of this man.

Still, she wears the dress and goes to the gathering in the gardens. There she meets the warlock Pyat Pree, who entertains the people by creating an illusion and later he invites Daenerys to the House of the Undying. Out of nowhere, a masked woman approaches Jorah and she warns him to be careful and take good care of  Daenerys, implicating that she might be in danger in this city.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5

Season 2 Episode 5 “Daenrys in Qarth”

Later on, Xaro talks with Daenerys and offers her to share his gold with her only if she marries him. With the gold she will be able to buy everything she needs and to take over the throne. Daenerys is suspicious about this offer but she still thinks of accepting the offer. However Jorah convinces her to reconsider the situation, telling her that the true allies can be found in Westeros.

“Three deaths”

During her service for Tywin Lannister, Arya is being asked about her knowledge for Robb Stark. He asked this because he found out through her way of speaking that she is from the North. When she goes to get water for Tywin, she meets a man, Jaqen H’ghar, who is one of the prisoners Yoren kept in a cage.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5

Season 2 Episode 5 “Jaquen H’ghar”

Arya saved that men in one of the previous episodes of Game of thrones, and now he tells her that he owes her and has to repay her with three deaths because Arya saved all three men that were in the cage.

Arya tells the first name, Tickler, the man who has been torturing the prisoners. Later in episode 5 we see Tickler lying dead in the courtyard. When she spots Jaqen she is pleased that the man kept his promise. She has two more deaths remaining. How will she use them?



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