Game Of Thrones Review Season 3 (Episode 1)

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10
Game Of thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 10)
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Game Of Thrones Review Season 3 (Episode 2)
Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

 Game of thrones review season 3 episode 1- Can you feel it? Can you feel the horror in Sam’s breathing as he’s running in the wilderness? We all very well know how season 2 ended, and frankly I’m very surprised to see Sam still alive. He should be dead already or turned into a White Walker.

Still we see him running, meeting a fellow brother and so Sam addresses him, but guess what- he’s dead, of course, holding his head in his hands, kneeling in the middle of the snow. And now, a White Walker with an axe is approaching Sam, and you’d say “OK, now he’s doomed, this is a fight that he cannot win, being fat and all of that”.

Impatiently watching, you somehow hope he’ll make it and Ghost jumps and attacks the White Walker the very moment before Sam’s being tore up into pieces. The rest of the men of the Night Watch, together with Lord Commander Mormont approach Sam.

Confused and petrified, Sam can barely speak and answer if he had done the one job he had, to send the ravens for warning the brothers on the Wall. Sam didn’t fulfill the task, so now the men must go back and warn them all- the true war is about to begin.

“To live or to die? It’s up to Mance Rader to decide”

After being captured by the wildlings, Jon is now travelling to meet their leader, Mance Rader who will decide about Jon’s life. After the scenario with Halfhand, he has a chance to stay alive.

When he enters Mance’s camp, Jon is surprised by the number of followers that Mance has and he’s also amazed to see a giant, because he hasn’t seen one before. Ygritte messes around with Jon but still defends him from the people when they throw rocks at him as he passes by them towards Mance’s tent.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 Episode 1 “Ygritte takes Jon to Mance’s tent”

Inside the tent, Jon is introduced to the people who are there and he instantly mistakes Tormund with Mance and kneels before him, calling him ‘Grace’, because that’s how they do it south of the Wall.

Mance approaches from behind, laughing at Jon, asking him the reason that Jon wants to join the free folk. At first, Jon gives stupid excuses, but then he tells the true reason, he wants to fight against the White Walkers, to fight for the living.

If you remember well, Jon saw what took Craster’s boy, Jon saw the sacrifice that he made and when he wanted to confront Craster, Mormont stopped him, telling Jon that he already knew what was happening to Craster’s boys.


“It’s not a problem to you because you are a Lannister”

Hiding in his chambers, watching at the scars of his face, Tyrion hears a knock on the door. Expecting for Bran and Pod, he’s surprised and petrified to hear it’s Cersei on the door, wanting to see him.

Tyrion knows for sure that it was his sister who ordered his murder, it was one of her soldiers who turned at him and cut him. His suspicions are justified, but still he lets her in so they talk about his upcoming meeting with Tywin.

Both Tyrion and Cersei are nervous about Tyrion’s meeting with his father. What will they talk about? Will Tyrion tell his father it was Cersei who ordered Tyrion’s murder? Whatever the conversation, both are scared of their father, as he, beside the king, is the most powerful men in all the seven kingdoms.

Bronn finally arrives at Tyrion’s chamber and sees men of the Kingsguard standing outside. He’s about to start a fight when Cersei leaves the room. Afterwards, Bronn tells Tyrion he’s doubling his prices, because he’s a knight now and all of that.

Well, Bronn had tasted the fine way of living and now he wants more so he’s taking advantage of the situation. As for Tyrion, many people want him dead, even his own sister, so he’ll obviously pay the price to stay protected.

“And who’s really the true king of Westeros? Obviously it’s the one you believe he is”

Ser Davos awakes on the rocky shores of Blackwater and is saved by a passing ship. He’s saved by the pirate Salladhor Saan, his old friend who was fighting alongside Davos and Stannis. Salladhor gives updates to Davos. Stannis is at Dragonstone and he is totally under the spells of Melisandre.

Davos wants to go to Stannis and save him from Melisandre’s magic, to show him she’s evil and advise Stannis once again to choose the right way to the throne, without magic. Salladhor is certain that Davos will fail so he tries to stop him from making the mistake.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 episode 1 “Ser Davos is rescued”

But, as you can assume, Davos goes to Stannis and declares that Melisandre is an enemy so he tries to kill her when she taunts him with memories of Davos’ dead son. The attack is stopped and Stannis order his men to take Davos into custody.

The other true king, as he claims to be, the King of the North and his army march to Harrenhal. When they approach the castle, they see it has been attacked and filled with corpses. Rob orders his men to take Catelin in a chamber that will be her cell.

Robb is still angry with his mother’s action of letting Ser Jaime free and decides to keep her locked away. He is more concerned about his men, mostly Karstark, who’s seeking revenge for his murdered son.

Next to a dead body, one of the men coughs and they discover Qyburn, a prisoner with a cut throat who they help. Now remember this action, remember this character because he will later on be of greater importance in Game of thrones. He will… OK, I won’t share any details now, it won be nice to spoil you the whole show.

“Threats, demands, reckless actions and drama queens”

Anxiously waiting for the conversation with his father, Tyrion sits and wait for Tywin to finish his letters. Tyrion makes compliments about Tywin’s badge representing Hand of the king in order to kill the silence and start the conversation.

It works, now Tywin gives his attention to his son who asks for little gratitude for his sacrifice on the battle of Blackwater. Tywin reprimands Tyrion for his wanted attention and for bringing a whore to the castle, reminding him that he’s a Lannister.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 episode 1 “Tyrion meets with his father”

Tyrion demands to rule with Casterly Rock as a reward but Tywin tells him that he will find a suitable position for Tyrion and he’d rather die than give Tyrion the right to rule with Casterly Rock. Offended, Tyrion asks the reason Tywin doesn’t want to give him the castle.

Tywin starts offending his son even more, he accuses Tyrion for murdering his own mother by coming into this world, calling him names and finally he makes a threat to Tyrion that the next whore he catches him with will hang.

Now would you agree that this conversation between a father and a son is too harsh? I felt sorry for Tyrion, every child wants affection from his parents, and what Tyrion gets is hatred from his own father. Well, everything is possible in Game of thrones and believe me when I say EVERYTHING.

Playing a game with Shae as they watch ships sail away from the harbor, Sansa receives a visitor. Lord Petyr Baelish comes and Sansa tells him that she’s ready to leave, she accepts his offer for help. Finally, Sansa got her senses right and wants to leave this madness called King’s Landing.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 Episode 1 “Sansa accepts Littlefinger’s offer”

As Shae and Ros look Sansa and Baelish talk, Ros tells Shae to watch over Sansa, especially around Baelish. This is a fair warning, Ros knew Sansa’s family and now she’s in the service of Baelish so she must know everything about his dirty little secrets.

The King and Lady Margaery are travelling in the streets when suddenly the litters stop in the streets of Flea Bottom and Margaery goes into an orphanage. Concerned about his safety, Joffrey watches from the litter and wonders what Margaery will do.

Margaery visits the children, she talks to them and gives the orphans toys and food as a gratitude for their parents sacrifice on the battle of Blackwater. When she goes out of the orphanage, Joffrey sees Margaery with confusion and wonders what her business was there.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 Episode 1 “Margaery visits the orphans”

Sure he’ll wonder, he never visited the common people, the first time he did, all of the royal family were attacked, even Sansa. Remember that episode of Game of thrones? Cersei very well remembers and she points out to Margaery at dinner how dangerous and reckless her actions were.

Going out and unprotected among the common people can have serious consequences. But Joffrey shuts Cersei down before she can share further details about the riots that occurred in previous episodes in Game of thrones season 2.

Sure he will hush Cersei, he doesn’t want the Tyrells to know how weak of a ruler he is, ha cannot control the common people, not to mention the war that is going on. Without his mother, uncle and grandfather, he’s just a spoiled brat.

“The true leader has to show strength so that the people will follow that leader

Travelling across the sea, Daenerys Targaryen watches her dragons hunting fish in the sea. She tells Jorah that she wishes they grow faster and that she needs an army. They are travelling to Astapor together with the Dothraki who follow her.

Daenerys is worried about the Unsullied, even though Jorah speaks highly of them, she is aware that they are a slave army and she wants people to follow her as the Dothraki do, not to own them. Jorah says that she will have a true khalasar when she will prove her strength.

Oh yes, she will prove herself, but much later in Game of thrones, her strength needs to grow and her journey has just begun. You can’t even imagine what will happen, can you?

After the long journey, Daenerys finally arrives in Astapor and meets the Unsullied, an army of slave soldiers that is for sale. Daenerys meets their master Kraznys and he shows her the army, telling the origin of the soldiers, their cruel training.

Kraznys demonstrates their strength by cutting off a nipple of one of the soldiers. Daenerys is very much interested in the army and asks how many soldiers are there. With the help of the translator Missandei she learns that there are 8000 soldiers and she has one day to make the deal.

As they walk through the streets of Astapor, talking about the army, Daenerys and Jorah are followed by a man with a cloak. But Daenerys’ attention is drawn to a little girl who rolls her a ball and asks Daenerys to open it.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 episode 1 “Daenerys is saved from the manticore”

When she opens the ball a poisonous manticore gets out of the ball and before it can harm Daenerys, the cloaked man stabs it and reveals himself to her. It’s Ser Barristan Selmy, he served in the Kingsguard until he was forced to retire. He asks forgiveness and wishes to serve Daenerys as member of her Kingsguard.

Will she accept this offer? She already has many enemies in Westeros, now the warlocks of Qarth are after her, and let’s not forget to mention that Jorah gave out information about her to the Master of whispers in the Capitol. What will happen next in Game of thrones season 3?

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