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The true king

First of all, 'Game of thrones' is the best TV show so far I've seen. In this season new faces appear and new alliances are made. Personally, I want the Lannisters off the throne and out of the picture but somehow I got to like Tyrion. I even felt sory when he was wounded. the Battle between the brothers Baratheon and the dark magic of Melisandre was very interesting. The dragons may be the key for the White Walkers and it's a good thing that Daenerys got them back. she is growing bigger as a character in the story and she might be able to fulfill her mission. But who is the true king? Stannis is the rightful king but after the battle I don't think he will strike again.

The best show on earth

I've started watching the series not long time ago and I've just finished with season 2. 'Game of Thrones' is very interesting to watch with very different stories that are connecting each other somehow. So far I can say that I am cheering for Daenerys and her dragons, I wish to see her destroy the Lannisters! Also, I think that Tyrion Lannister somehow doesn't fit in his family so he probably will change sides. The White Walkers appeared in the finale and I can't wait to see what will happen next. Jon snow is also one of my favourite characters so I hope he will manage to get back to the Wall.

The White Walkers

I must say that this show is AWESOME! The story develops very good and it's very interesting to watch. Very interesting things happened in this season but the very ending left me speechless! The army of the White Walkers marching towards the Wall left me with great tension and I can't wait for the new season! In my opinion they will kill poor Sam and everybody else in all seven kingdoms.