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Magic in Game of Thrones

One of my favourite things in the series is the magic. This season offered us very different magical things but most of them are very unclear. First, the thing with the Walkers, how they are created and why; the warging is also very interesting thing; not to forget the dragons and their 'mother' who cannot be burned. On top of that, dead people come to live! The Lord of Light gives power to some people to bring dead people to life. For what I have seen so far I expect even greater magic in the next seasons.

The Red Wedding

The saddest episodes of the season was The Red Wedding, it  made me very sad because I was hoping that Robb will avenge his father's death. It was very cruel thing to do and what is more sad is that Robb's men betrayed him, Roose Bolton to be exact. And what did Robb do to deserve such cruel death? He betrayed Frey by not marrying his daughter. And not to forget how his wife was brutally stabbed in her belly. Imagine now Arya's feelings, being so close to her family and not able to see them or save them. It's up to Jon now, he is the only who can avenge his family now. But he is too busy climbing the Wall with the wildlings. However, I lost hope that this show will have happy ending.

The Unsullied

Oh my God! The greatest army in the world is supporting Daenerys now! It's gonna be a really great fight when she will arrive in Westeros! I am true fan of Daenerys and very much like to see her win this game! She conquered two cities and freed the slaves. Very good strategist and i like it when she replied to 'Valar Morgulis" -'All men must die', she said 'But we are not men". It seems like women will rule this game! Go go Daenerys!