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Greatest deaths

'Game of Thrones' presents most brutal deaths and the story seems to be very catchy. This season has very brutal death scenes. First, Arya takes another name off of her list. Next, the king dies on his own wedding day (maybe this is some poetic justice for the Starks' deaths at the Frey's wedding). The wildlings raged in a village, killing a lot of people there. The last son of Craster is offered to the 'Gods' but we cannot be sure what really happened to it, since the night King maybe turned him into a walker. The mutineers are killed by the Night's Watch men. Lady Lysa is pushed through the 'Moon door' by Baelish. Oberyn is killed by the Mountain. Yiggrite dies in the fight at the Wall and finally, Tyrion kills Shae and his father on his way to escape. All of these deaths were very touching and interesting to see.

The king is dead

Finally! We all have been waiting for that son of a bi**h to die! This season seams to be the greatest due to Joffrey's death! However, I was very sorry to see that Tyrion was accused for his death. I really believe he is innocent. The king's death caused many changes in the series and the story headed in new direction. Tommen is the new king now but still the true leader behind the curtains is Tywin. Oberyn tried to defend Tyrion but he was blinded by his desire for revenge so he failed. Finally, Tyrion was able to escape with the help of his brother Jaime but on his way he killed his lover and what is most important Tyrion killed his father Tywin. The Lannister empire will come to an end.

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