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The bad things in season 5

A lot of things in season 5 that got my blood boiling.First they buried Tywin. I liked him he was a real badass. Arya is forced to give up everything. Sansa has to marry that sick bastard Ramsay. The Sparrow and his militants ban the whores and the alcohol, that's never a good idea. The sons of the harpy are just stabbing everybody. Ser Baristan Dies. Stannis burns his daughter alive. Dany is kidnapped by a horde of Dothraki, and Jon Dies. Not that the other seasons were something better, but this one really had me clenching my fists. And don't get me wrong, i like it when a show does that to me. It means its worth watching.

New Religion

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Cersei tries so hard to keep her place in the realm and so she gives power to religion so that she can take Margaery off the picture. Things didn't go as she planned. Instead completing her mission, Cersei ended up in prison for her crimes and she was made to walk the walk of atonement. However, she has the Mountain back by her side so she will probably get back to those religious men in next season. I very much like to see that.