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First Look Game of Thrones Season 7

Winter is here and so is the first look of Game of Thrones season 7. During Sunday’s episode of ‘Westworld’, for the first time HBO aired its ‘Coming In 2017’ preview of season 7.

The preview is all about the Starks. We can see Sophie Turner aka Sansa with a new wig that reminds a lot of Catelyn Stark. She is standing in the godswood and she is staring at something. A lot of questions might be running in her head and most definitely in ours. What is she doing there? What is she staring at?

First Look Season 7

Arya has already headed home in previous season and the first look of season 7 presents image of Arya on horseback. She is wearing the traditional northern outfit and has some serious face, full of wonder about what she sees. She may be surprised to see what is left of Winterfell after ‘the battle of bastards’.

First Look Season 7

And finally, we see Jon Snow, probably in Winterfell  and he has the usual worried facial expression. A fraction of the image presents woman’s hair so most probably he is talking with Sansa. Judging from his face it’s not something that Jon is happy about.

First Look Season 7

Still, another important Stark member is left behind. No preview of Bran can be seen on the video. Maybe we won’t see him as it was with season 5 and we’ll have to wait for Game of Thrones season 8 to see Bran once again.


There you go. Something official for Game of Thrones season 7 was presented by HBO, but still there is no official date for season 7 and we have to sit tight for summer 2017.

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