Game Of Thrones Season 7 New Spoiler Pictures From Iceland

Game Of Thrones in Iceland
Leaked Images Prove That Game Of Thrones Actors Are Arriving In Iceland
Predictions For Game Of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones’ fans are getting more and more excited these days as more and more cast members are arriving in Iceland.

Thanks to social media, new leaked images appeared and due to them, we can easily confirm who is joining the gang behind The Wall.

Kit and Iain Glen in Iceland yesterday Credits to @becky_d_1985

A photo posted by gotseason7_news (@gotseason7_news) on

Actor Iain Glen arrived in Iceland as well and he will be filming scenes behind The Wall too. What is more interesting, fans claim to have seen Emilia Clarke in Iceland as well as Rory McCann.

Now can it really be that The Hound will join Jon Snow in the battle with the White Walkers? Since fans claim to have seen Emilia in Iceland, is it possible that the theories will finally come true? Will Daenerys loose one of her dragons to the Night King? What’s your opinion?

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