‘Game of Thrones’ Best Predictions For Season 8

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Although Game of Thrones season 7 will be broadcast later than the usual date, season 7 is getting closer to our doorsteps every day. Thanks to social media, fans are constantly getting updates of current location of the filming of the new season.

Spoiler images and videos gave us insight on what may be happening in season 7. What we know so far from these spoilers is that Daenerys and Jon Snow will meet and some serious war will be happening, probably with the White Walkers. Also, King’s Landing will be attacked, probably from the Daenerys’ team.

With all of these ‘possible’ events that ‘probably’ will happen in season 7, we might as well get a further look into the story. As we know so far, the story will end with season 8. We had pretty cool predictions for the last season and here are some more interesting predictions that we may see in the conclusion of the story.

The Wall will fall; the Walkers are on their way!

Game of thrones predictions for season 8

‘Winter is here’! The magic that was holding the White Walkers North of the Wall is now broken. How? Well, the Night King touched Bran in season 6 and marked him. Now the Night King is able to break the magic and break down the Wall. Westeros, here they come!

Jon Snow will unite Westeros against the White Walkers

Game of thrones predictions for season 8

Since ‘Winter is here’, the White Walkers will be definitely coming to destroy all of humanity. The hardest task will probably be doing Jon Snow- convincing all the leaders to unite against the Walkers. Daenerys and Jon probably will get along, but there is a risk of convincing the Lannisters to join the fight.

Sam will discover a way to defeat the White Walkers

Game of thrones predictions for season 8

All his life Sam wanted to be a wizard. Finally, his dream might come true. Sam will learn the history and origin of the White Walkers, and what is most important, he will discover how they can be defeated. It will involve some kind of magic that only Sam knows how can be used. Let’s hope that it will not be too late before he could tell Jon the key for the Walkers.

The dragons will die in the battle with the Walkers

Game of thrones predictions for season 8

Since dragons are magical creatures, and Sam has the knowledge of how to defeat the Walkers, we are afraid that the dragons will die in the battle with the White Walkers.

Jon will marry Daenerys and they become the King and Queen of the seven kingdoms

Game of thrones predictions for season 8

A possible happy ending is if the White Walkers are defeated. Sure that a lot of sacrifices will be made and someone has to die in the process. However, Daenerys and Jon Snow will end up together as rulers of the seven kingdoms, as the Queen and King.

Everything was a dream!

Game of thrones predictions for season 8

Remember in season 1 when Bran fell off that tower? Well guess what? It was all a dream that he head after falling off the tower. He wakes up from this horrible dream and everything is back to normal. Would you like to see that happening?

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