Game Of Thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 2)

Game OF Thrones Season 2 episode 1
Game Of Thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 1)
Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3
Game Of Thrones Review Season 2 (Episode 3)
Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2

Game of thrones review season 2 episode 2- Once we were introduced to the changes that occurred in the previous episode it’s more easy to follow now. The last living bastard of the late king Robert is travelling up the Kingsroad with the recruits for the Night’s Watch. Together with Arya, they have been protected by Yoren.

It’s more than clear now that Ned Stark is responsible for Grendy’s company in this group. As Ned learned the true origin of the boy, he wanted to save him and take him away, as north as he could get him. Still, the City Watchmen catch up with these travelers and they search for him, but Yoren threatens them and sends them back to King’s Landing.


In the previous episode of Game of thrones we saw Tyrion’s comeback to King’s Landing and in episode 2 we see that he didn’t obey his father’s wish- he has brought his whore, Shae. When he enters his room he finds Lord Varys talking to her and he is surprised and somehow scared for his secret is now no longer a secret.

Tyrion makes clear for Lord Varys that he doesn’t want to be threatened and makes threats to the Lord. Varys comforts Tyrion, he will not share the secret with others and presents himself as an ally to Tyrion.

Game Of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 2 “Tyrion, Varys and Shae”

They both leave for a meeting of the Small Council where Cersei tears up the peace terms that Robb Stark has offered to the king. Tyrion points out that it’s a strange kind of diplomacy that the queen has developed and that the kingdom will not benefit from it.

When Ned Stark presented to the queen the late king’s will she also tore up the will and ordered Ned to be imprisoned under the accusations for treason. What will be her next move now when she has decided to do the same with Robb’s demands?

Anyway, it’s not only the queen who has been taking drastic measures against her enemies. Remember the children’s massacre in the previous episode of Game of thrones? Well, Tyrion finds out that it wasn’t the queen who ordered the children’s slaughter, it was her son, Joffrey, the king.

While dining with the commander of the City Watch Tyrion discovers the truth about these murders. The commander remains mute when Tyrion asks him about the murders, avoiding the answer that it was the queen’s decision. Furthermore, Tyrion orders for the current commander to be taken up to the Wall and replaced with his Bronn who escorts him to the ship that is sailing north.

Game Of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 2 “Tyrion dining with the commander”

“The Lost Son”

 As he sees his homeland, Theon Greyjoy is filled with happines and he approaches with a smile on his face. Before reaching the shore he thinks a warm welcome will be presented to him by his family. Instead, he encounters no one except a fishermen who tells him that he will try to find him a horse to take him to the castle.

While waiting, a young woman approaches Theon and offers him a ride to the castle. He gladly accepts the ride. On the road he is hitting the woman and she returns to him. When he arrives to the castle, both his father and Theon are disappointed of each other. Theon tries hardly to impress his father but Balon Greyjoy is very disappointed of him becoming soft.

Game Of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 2 “Theon seduces Yara”

On the other hand, Balon  is very much fonder of the young girl who gave Theon a ride, Yara, who happened to be his sister. Yara has an experience as a sailor and warrior and Balon thinks of her as the true hair.

Theon is very angry and at the same time disgusted because he has been played by his sister and he is angry that Balon denies his demands to help the Starks. Theon has been raised by them and thinks of them as a family but Balon points out who is his real family and that he has to reconsider and pick a side.

“A baby boy”

Stannis’ advisor, Davos and his son meet with an old friend of Davos, the pirate Salladhor Saan. He convinces the pirate to help them in the war for the throne, offering him gold when they win the war. After some time they make the deal and Davos tells Stannis the news.

After that conversation, Stannis is talking with the red priestess and he is very concerned about his brother’s strength. Melisandre comforts him, telling him to have faith in the Lord of the Light, as she has seen Stannis’ victory in the flames.

Very interesting scene follows, as she has offered herself to Stannis. At first he denies, making excuses that he is married, but when she offers to provide a son he cannot control himself. Driven by the idea of having a male heir, he immediately starts to make love with her on the table.

Game Of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 2 “Stannis and Melisandre”

Meanwhile, beyond the Wall, very strange things happen. Samwell starts a conversation with one of Crester’s wives, Gilly. Sam learns from the conversation that she is pregnant but at the same time she is very scared as she is convinced that she’s carrying a boy.

Sam tells Jon that they need to take Gilly with them because of the boy situation. When Jon demands the truth about the baby boys, Gilly’s face is filled with fear and she refuse to tell them. Because of the previous confrontation with Craster, Jon refuses to take responsibility for Gilly and he says no to both of them.

Later in the night, we see Craster leaving his house with a baby in his arms. The baby’s cry wakes up Jon and he decides to follow Craster. As Jon goes deeper in the forest he can hear a mix of strange, frosty sounds echoing around him. He pulls his sword and goes toward the baby that Craster has left on the ground, but in the exact moment he sees a dark man like figure lifting the baby. When he turns round to respond to a sound behind him Craster hits Jon in the head and he blacks out.

Game Of Thrones

Season 2 episode 2 “Jon spots Craster leaving in the night”






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