Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 4)

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3
Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 3)
Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 5
Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 5)
Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Game of thrones review Season 4 episode 4- Daenerys and her followers arrived in Mereen and now they prepare to take over the city. Grey Worm, the commander of the Unsullied together with a group of soldiers infiltrate among the slaves in a chamber. The slaves are arguing whether to fight the masters or not. The opinions are divided.

Grey Worm enters and talks to the slaves, telling them it’s worth living as a free man even for a day than living a lifetime as a slave. The Unsullied deliver weapons to them and we see the next morning how the slaves fight the masters.

Daenerys enters the free city now where the former slaves salute her shouting “Mhysa”. Daenerys gives orders to her soldiers to put 163 masters on the markers where the slave children were nailed, answering injustice with justice.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 Episode 4 “Daenerys enters the free city of Mereen”

“An innocent man has to pay the price while those who are responsible for the king’s death make new plans for survival”

Ser Jaime trains with Bronn who is treating Jaime very harshly. Bronn asks Jaime if he visited his brother Tyrion in the dungeon. Jaime has mixed emotions since Joffrey was his son and suspects that Tyrion killed him. Confused and angry he hasn’t visited Tyrion yet.

Bronn tells Jaime how he saved Tyrion’s life in the trial by combat, telling Ser Jaime that he was Tyrion’s first choice for that trial. Tyrion admires and respects his brother very much and that’s why Bronn’s telling Jaime he should visit him.

After this conversation, Jaime goes to Tyrion’s chamber. They talk about the trial and Jaime tells Tyrion who the judges will be. Tyrion is surprised to learn that prince Oberyn will be one of the judges.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 Episode 4 “Jaime finally visits Tyrion”

In previous episode of Game of thrones in season 4 Tyrion had a rather unpleasant conversation with prince Oberyn, who is seeking justice for his sister’s death. He is confused with Oberyn’s decision to serve the Lannisters, not knowing this might help for his trial.

Meanwhile, Sansa travels with Baelish who admits he was involved in Joffrey’s death. Sansa is surprised to hear this and yet wonders how he managed to do that. Baelish tells Sansa he had help, some new friends he made were also very interested in Joffrey’s death. Such vicious young boy wasn’t fit to rule the seven kingdoms and that’s why they did it.

Moreover, Lady Olenna admits to her granddaughter Margaery that she wouldn’t let her suffer with such cruel king and she managed to take him out of the picture. Remember the necklace I was telling you about? The same necklace that Sansa and Margaery had?

Well, it’s clear now that the poison came with the necklace, a gift from Baelish to Lady Olenna who somehow managed to put the poison in Joffrey’s drink. Together they managed to kill the king and save the people they love- Lady Olenna saved Margaery and Baelish saved Sansa.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 Episode 4 “Lady Olenna teaches Margaery how to deal with the Lannisters”

Cersei is worried about Tommen’s safety and she orders more guards in front of his chamber. However, Margaery manages to pass them and slips into Tommen’s bed. Her grandmother taught her to take control over the boy before Cersei is able to turn Tommen against Margaery.

Tommen and Margaery talk about their future- he is about to become king and she will probably be his wife after that. She seduces the boy and asks him not to tell about her visit, especially to his mother. Confused and yet happy, Tommen immediately fell in Margaery’s trap after she kissed him and left the room.

Next morning, Ser Jaime expresses his gratitude to Brienne and gives her his Valyrian sword and armor. Jaime also gives her a squire, he promised Tyrion to get Poddrick out of the city so he sends him with Brienne as a squire.

Jaime and Brienne tell their goodbyes and Jaime tells Brienne to find Sansa so that Brienne can keep her oath and protect her. That’s why Brienne names her sword “Oathkeeper”.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 Episode 4 “Poddrik Payne, Brienne’s new squire”

“To stop Mance they have to stop the mutiny first, an action that only few men are willing to take” 

Meanwhile in Castle Black, Jon Snow trains new recruits. The current Lord Commander argues with Jon’s decision to train recruits. He slights Jon for being a steward, bastard and a traitor in front of everybody, as a provocation for Jon to attack him.

Instead attacking Thorne, Jon retreats. Later that day, Thorne gives order to Jon to go back to Craster’s place and kill the mutineers without ordering other men to join him. Instead, Jon asks for volunteers who will help him in this mission.

Few men volunteer, including a new recruit, Lockly, who was sent to infiltrate the men of the watch by Roose Bolton. In previous episodes of Game of Thrones season 4, Roose and Ramsey had a conversation about how big of a threat Jon can be.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 Episode 4 “Jon asks for volunteers”

Even though he is a bastard, Jon is still Ned Stark’s son and one day he may attack them and claim the title Warden of the North. This is the reason why they sent Lockley to Castle Black and now he sees the opportunity to kill Jon or maybe he will find the Stark boys and kill them too.

Beyond the wall, we see how the mutineers enjoy themselves with Craster’s wives and food. The last son of Craster is born and it should be given as a gift for the gods. Rast goes out and leaves the baby in the snow.

Bran and his company are near the cottage and they hear the baby cry. Bran wargs into Summer and sees Ghost locked and some men of the watch. The next morning they see the men but immediately realize that something is wrong.

It’s too late, they are captured by the mutineers and being tortured by them, especially Hodor. Poor Bran, he admits who he is so that they stop torturing them and the men realize that they are valuable hostages.

However, what is more important now is what happens with the baby boy. A White Walker came and took the baby. He rode far north and put the baby on an ice table. The Night King comes and takes the baby in his arms.We see how he touches the baby who immediately stops crying and his eyes turn blue.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 Episode 4 “Ctaster’s last son”

But what really happened? Is the baby a White Walker now? Will it fight as well? Or is there more to it than we know? Probably we will find out in next episode of Game of thrones season 4.

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