Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 6)

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 5
Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 5)
Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7
Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 7)

Game of thrones review season 4 episode 6- Stannis Baratheon together with Ser Davos arrive in Braavos to meet with the bankers and ask for money. The men kept Stannis and Davos waiting for too long before they meet with them.

They listen to Stannis and deny his quest for money, saying that they are loyal to the crown and they support the Lannisters. Insulted by this denial, Stannis prepares to leave but Ser Davos steps in and defends Stannis claim. Ser Davos shows his mutilated arm and tells how Stannis always pays his debts.

Stannis has cut Ser Davos’ fingers to punish him for the crimes he was accused. With this conversation Ser Davos manages to convince the bankers to give money to Stannis and support his claim.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6

Season 4 Episode 6 “Stannis and Ser Davos in the Bank of Braavos”

“A king to be rescued, a queen to the rescue”

All men fight for the king they believe in. Yara gathered the best warriors from the Iron Islands and now they arrive in Winterfell to save Theon, their prince. Yara finds Theon in a cage and releases him. Sadly, Theon doesn’t wish to be saved, he yells that he’s Reek now and he’s loyal to his master.

Poor Theon has lost his identity, Ramsey pushed him hard so Yara escapes the place, declaring to her men that her brother is dead. As a reward for his loyalty, Ramsey permits Theon to take a bath and tells him he has a plan for him. Now what could that be? You will find out in the next episodes of Game of thrones season 4.

Daenerys receives people who wish to speak to her, mostly making demands from their new queen. A goat herder tells Daenerys that one of her dragons destroyed his herd and Daenerys decides to pay the damage three times the value.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6

Season 4 Episode 6 “Daenerys receives the common people for hearing their problems”

Without giving more significance to her dragons destroying the city, she receives one of the former masters. The former master asks Daenerys to be allowed to take his father from the crucifixion marker and give him proper burial.

Daenerys tells him the reason she did this crucifixion of the masters but the man says his father was against the child markers. Unfortunately, he was overruled and now he pays the price for the decision of the other masters. Listening to this story, Daenerys feels sorry for the son who wishes to give his father a proper burial so she allows him to do so.

“The trial that we have all been waiting for”

Before the trial, the Small Council has a meeting and they talk about the Hound, how he managed to overpower several men from the Kingsguard. Tywin raise the price for his capture up to 100 silvers. Lord Varys delivers news of Daenerys and her dragons. Her army is growing bigger and so are her dragons.

However, it’s a problem for later, now the trial is most important. We see Ser Jaime takes Tyrion from the dungeon and leads him to the trial room. The king, Tommen, recuses himself from this trial and announces the judges- Tywin Lannister, Prince Oberyn Martell and Lord Mayce Tyrell.

The trial begins with the hearing of the suspect, Tyrion, who claims to have no involvement in Joffrey’s death whatsoever. Then the judges call their first witness, Ser Meryn Trent who tells the audience how Tyrion treated Joffrey.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6

Season 4 Episode 6 “Tyrion’s trial”

Maester Pyrcell comes as the second witness who claims that Tyrion stole poison from him and put it into Sansa’s necklace and managed to pour it into Joffrey’s wine. Well the Maester has this right, only it wasn’t Tyrion who completed this action. It was Baelish with the help of Lady Olenna, of course.

Cersei also witness and tells how Tyrion threatened her when she discovered whores in his chambers. Lord Varys also witness about Tyrion’s threats to Joffrey. All of the witness speak the truth but they interpret it against Tyrion. Some words he said or some deed he had done were in no way connected with Tyrion’s involvement in Joffrey’s death.

“A new deal has been made,  a life for a life, a service for a service”

Tired from the hearing, Tywin announce a break from the hearing and he speaks with Jaime now. Ser Jaime tells Tywin to stop the circus and release Tyrion. Jaime tells his father he will leave the Kingsguard and marry and have children to continue the Lannister name.

Tywin immediately accepts but under one condition-if Tyrion begs for mercy after his conviction, Tywin will let him live and he will send him at Castle Black. Happy with this deal, Jaime rushes back to tell Tyrion the news.

However, the hearing is not over, one more witness is called to testify against Tyrion. We see Shae enter the room and Tyrion’s face softens when he sees her. Unfortunately, Shae tells lies about him, she tells how Tyrion planned this with Sansa so that they will avenge her family.

Heartbroken, Tyrion begs Shae to stop but she reminds him that she is a whore- the harsh words that Tyrion said to her when he told her to leave the city. Stupid girl, he did everything to protect her because he loved her and the fu****g whore is now speaking against her.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6

Season 4 Episode 6 “Shae testify against Tyrion”

You cannot hold your emotions now when Tyrion asks to confess. Yes, he confesses his crime to his father; he finally confronts Tywin, apologizing for being a dwarf-something that his father always hated about Tyrion.

Tyrion is aware now that Tywin never had the intention of letting him live after this trial so he delivers his most shocking speech to the audience and to his family- Joffrey’s death gave him more pleasure that 1000 whores and he tells the city he wishes he let Stannis kill them all.

Finally, Tyrion demands trial by combat. Great hatred came out from the mouth of a little man. Witnessing this injustice, you cannot help yourself but sympathize with Tyrion. And who do you think will fight for Tyrion on this trial? Will Bronn once again save his life?


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