Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 9)

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Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 8)
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Game Of Thrones Review Season 4 (Episode 10)
Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9

Game of thrones review season 4 episode 9- While taking watch on the Wall, Sam and Jon talk about Jon’s adventure with Ygritte. Sam is interested in the details since he’s never been with a woman. Sam leaves the watch and goes to the library to read about the wildlings.

Maester Aemon sees Sam in the library and they talks about girls and love. Moments later, Gilly arrives at the gates of Castle Black and Sam orders Pip to let her in. He promises to protect her and never abandon her again.

Their conversation is interrupted by the horn- two horns, a sign for enemies. Jon sees the biggest fire that Mance promised to light. The Thenns also see the sign and everybody prepares for the battle now. The men of the Watch prepare oil barrels, arrows and fire and wait on the top of the wall.

Ser Alister Thorn admits to Jon he made a mistake by not listening to Jon’s proposal to seal the tunnel while they had the chance. Sam takes Gilly in a room and tells her to hide there with the baby while the fight is over. Sam promises he will not die and he will return to Gilly and her baby.

“The attack on The Wall begins with the biggest fire as a signal”

And now, the moment we’ve been waiting for, the biggest wildling army arrives at the Wall. We see giants and mammoths approaching together with thousands of wildlings. At the same time, the Thenns and the rest of the wildling that were raiding Mole’s Town are now approaching the gates of the Castle.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9

Season 4 Episode 9 “The wildlings attack The Wall”

Ser Alister goes down to help the brothers fight against the Thenns and leaves Ser Slynt in charge of the Wall. Glenn sees that Ser Slynt is incapable to cope with the task so he fools him and tells Ser Slynt that Ser Alister asked his help down in the Castle.

Jon has the command of the Wall now, he gives orders to the archers, and he commands the men to throw barrels with stones. When the giants approach with the mammoths they tie ropes on the gate and the mammoths pull so that the gate will be opened.

Jon orders the men to release the barrels with oil on but he is aware that this won’t stop them. He sends Glenn and five more men to go down in the tunnel and to hold the gate. Sam goes up to Jon and gives him update about the fight below- Ser Alister is wounded and the castle won’t stand long now.

Sam decides to join the brothers down in the castle and leaves Edd in charge of the Wall. Jon gives Sam a key and asks him to release Ghost, Jon’s direwolf. Jon enters the fight and starts killing wildlings. Ygritte spots Jon and follows him. She finally has her arrow aimed at him, they look at each other with doubts and suddenly an arrow hits Ygritte and she dies.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9

Season 4 Episode 9 “Ygritte dies in Jon’s arms”

The fight ended with the victory for the men of the Watch. But Jon knows that this is no time to celebrate because Mance just tested the Wall’s weakness, he will come again with more men and a greater army and he will succeed and break the wall.

Jon tells Sam he will go to Mance and he will try to kill him. By killing the leader of the wildlings Jon thinks that they will not stand together and maybe then the men of the Watch will be able to defeat a divided army.

Sam tells his goodbye to Jon and sees him off at the gate in the tunnel. Jon leaves his sword to Sam and asks him to take it for himself in case he doesn’t come back. And so, Jon leaves into the wilderness.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9

Season 4 Episode 9 “Jon leaves to meet with Mance”


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