Game Of Thrones Review Season 6 (Episode 1)

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10
Game Of Thrones Review Season 5 (Episode 10)
Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2
Game Of Thrones Review Season 6 (Episode 2)
Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

Game of thrones review season 6 episode 1- He is gone, they killed him, together they betrayed Jon and killed him, “for the Watch” they said. It was very cruel and yet they find it was the right thing to do for the Watch.

Ghost is howling and tries to exit its chamber. We see Jon’s dead body covered in blood, lying on the snow. Ser Davos hears the howling, exits the room and finds Jon’s dead body lying on the snow with the word “Traitor” written on a wooden cross above his head.

Several men come to help Ser Davos to get Jon’s body inside the castle. Melisandre enters the room and sees Jon’s body when Edd came out to get Ghost to his guard. All men learn about their commander’s death and ask Ser Alister Thorn who was responsible for Jon’s death.

Thorne admits he killed Jon and gives reasons why he did that. Jon didn’t listen to his men of the watch and made peace with the wildlings. It was bad for the watch and Thorne says he did the right thing. No one argues now and Thorne has the control over the castle now. Ser Davos and Edd talk about the situation and Davos suggests Edd to go and ask Tormund for help.

“The outcome from the battle”

The Boltons talk about the victory and defeat of Stannis. Still, Roose is unhappy because his son Ramsey didn’t follow his orders. What’s even worse, Ramsey lost Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy. Both keys for the North and for the Iron Islands are lost.

A search party is looking for Sansa and Theon  who are running in the woods. They cross a river so that the dogs can’t sense their smell. Still, the men catch up with Sansa and Theon but the same moment Brienne arrives and saves them. After that, Brienne swears to protect Sansa and Sansa accepts her service now.

Cersei gets the news about Jaime’s return from Dorne. She rushes to meet her daughter with a smile on her face. All happiness is gone the moment she sees Jaime on a boat with a wooden casket in which Myrcella lies. Cersei is devastated now, she remembers the words of the sorcerer when she heard as a child. Jaime tries to calm her down, saying that Myrcella found peace now.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

Season 6 episode 1 “Jaime returns with Myrcela’s body”

Margaery is still in a dungeon. She is tortured and questioned about her sins. She still denies her sins, telling the high Sparrow she has nothing to confess. She wishes to see her brother but she is not allowed to speak to anybody except the septs and septons.

The prince of Dorne receives news about Myrcella’s death, he accuses Oberyn’s lover for this and she immediately kills him while Oberyn’s daughters kill his guards. She takes over the ruling of Dorne now and she will seek vengeance for Oberyn’s death.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

Season 6 Episode 1 “Elaria kills Doran”

“Everyone must pay a price”

Varys and Tyrion walk around in Mereen and see how all the ships are burning on the bay. In their search for Daenerys, Jorah and Daario find clues and realize that she’s been captured by the Dothraki. They will probably take her in the temple of the widows of khals.

Daenerys is being taken by the Dothraki and several men make jokes about her. Daenerys is brought to the leader of the dothraki and he makes threats to rape her and make her children. But the khal immediately apologizes to Daenerys when she tells that she’s a widow of Khal Drogo.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

Season 6 Episode 1 “Daenerys is captured by the Dothraki”

Daenerys is free and asks to be sent back to Mereen. Unfortunately, the wife of the dead khals must spend the rest of the days as Dosh Khalesee in a temple. So Daenerys is not truly free, she must stay in that temple.

Arya is paying the price now, we see her as a beggar in the streets of Braavos. She overhears people talking in the streets when the nameless girl approaches Arya and speaks to her. Suddenly, Arya is being attacked by the girl and she tries to defend herself. But it’s not an easy job since she is blind now so Arya is overpowered and lies on the ground. The girl tells Arya they will meet again.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

Season 6 Episode 1 “Arya as a beggar”

Ser Alistar Thorne goes after Jon’s dead body. Ser Davos doesn’t want to give away the body. Ser Slistar makes promise that he will let Ser Davos free so that he can leave the castle unharmed. Otherwise, the men of the watch will enter with force and kill everybody in that room. They have time until sundown and Ser Davos realizes that Edd is their only hope now.

Melisandre prepares to go to bed. She has great sorrow in her eyes and we feel that she is tired from all that has happened. She takes out her shining necklace and instead of Melisandre we see and old woman standing in her place.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

Season 6 Episode 1 “Melisandre as an old woman”

 Ok, now what the f**k happened? Why she turned into an old woman? Is it the necklace? Well, it can’t be the necklace, she has been naked before, without the necklace around her neck and she never turned into and old woman, not until now. What will Game of thrones offer as a logical explanation for this change?


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