Game Of Thrones Review Season 6 (Episode 6)

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5
Game Of Thrones Review Season 6 (Episode 5)
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Game of thrones review season 6 episode 6- Hodor’s dead, the Three-eyed Raven is dead and Meera is the only hope that Bran has for survival. She has been dragging Bran for far too long now and she has spent her strength. She stops and Bran finally awakes from the warg. He saw that the White Walkers are coming for them and he is aware that there is no escape.

Bran and Meera hug each other, preparing to die or become one of them. Out of nowhere, a black rider with a fire-ball appears and starts killing the White Walkers who are already near Meera and Bran. The rider gets Meera and Bran on his horse and rides away from that place.

Later in Game of thrones season 6 episode 6 we see that the rider who saved Bran and Meera is Bran’s uncle Benjen. He tells them the story how he went to find the White Walkers with his brothers of The Watch, but instead the Walkers found them.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

Season 6 episode 6 “Benjen tells his story”

Benjen was stabbed by a Walker and left to die, to transform into a Walker. Fortunately for Benjen, “the children” found him and stopped the process the same way they create the White Walkers, with a dragonglass through his heart.

Ok, this sounds very confusing. First we saw how Samwell Tarly killed a White Walker for the first time in Game of thrones series, with a dragonglass sword. Then we saw Bran’s vision of the creation of the first White Walker and now Benjen says the same thing can stop the process of becoming a White Walker. So, to sum up, dragonglass can create a White Walker, it can kill a White Walker and it can also stop the process of becoming a White Walker.

However, Benjen tells Bran that he is now the Three-eyed Raven and must help all people to fight against the army of the White Walkers, since Bran is the only hope for victory. By the time the White Walkers find their way beyond the wall, Bran will learn how to control his powers and how to stop them. Let’s hope this is true.

“Unaware of the true war, they still fight against each other”

King Tommen tries hard to get his queen to safety. Tommen has a conversation with the high Sparrow about Margaery’ Walk of Atonement that is about to happen. The day has come for Margaery to walk the walk, but the Tyrells and the Lannisters have gathered their armies to stop this charade. 

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

Season 6 Episode 6 “Tyrell’s army in front of Sept of Baelor”

Standing at the steps of the Sept of Baelor, the High Sparrow gives a speech to the common people about sins and faith. The same moment the armies appear, prepared to start a fight with the sparrows.

Suddenly, the High Sparrow announces that the faith and the crown have united and that there will be no Walk of Atonement. We see king Tommen who exits the sept of Baelor and takes Margaery by his side. The common people cheer and the Lannister and Tyrells are disappointed of this decision of the king. Yes, they should have killed all members of this religious group when they had the chance.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

Season 6 Episode 6 “The Faith and the Crown”

Meanwhile, other quarrel happens over Riverrun. From previous episodes of Game of thrones season 6 we had information that The Blackfish, Sansa’s uncle, has retaken the castle. The Freys have difficulties to retake the castle and they try to blackmail The Blackfish with his nephew, Lord Edmure. Since the Bloody wedding where the Starks were massacred, Lord Edmure is held prisoner by the Freys. And now they try to retake the castle using this hostage as a trade.

Unable to deal with Blackfish alone, Frey is given help from the king. Ser Jaime has to go and help the Freys retake Riverrun. Ser Jaime talks with Cersei about this situation he doesn’t wish to leave her alone for the upcoming trial. Cersei is confident about the trial, she has the Mountain and she will demand trial by combat. She comforts her brother-lover to take the mission and go to Riverrun.

Oh yes, let’s not forget to mention Sam, Gilly and the baby, they arrive in Sam’s home. His sister and mother welcome them and treat them nicely. It all goes well until dinner when Sam’s father constantly humiliates Sam about his weight and weakness. Sam has proven himself that he is courageous man, but when it comes to his father, it seems like Sam is totally different man. 

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

Season 6 Episode 6 “Sam and Gilly arrive in Sam’s home”

Now Gilly tries to defend Sam, letting out the secret of her origin, revealing that she is a wildling. Sam’s father gets very angry and once again banishes Sam from his home. Wishing for the best for Gilly and the baby, Sam says goodbye to them, leaving them to leave in this house. Moments later, Sam goes back for them and they leave together with Gilly and the baby.

Finally, the end of this episode 6 of Game of thrones season 6 is with the powerful speech of Daenerys to her new army-the Dothraki khalaasar. Riding Drogon during her speech, Daenerys is presented once again as the true leader that anyone will follow. Will she succeed in her plan to take over the Iron Throne?

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

Season 6 Eisode 6 “Daenerys gives a speech to the Dothraki “


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