Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 (Episode 9)

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Game Of Thrones Season 1(Episode 9)

Game Of Thrones Review Season 1 Episode 9 – A salvation for Ned’s life was offered but in Game of thrones season 1 episode 9  we still see him rotting in the cell. Oh, wait, he needs to confess that Joffrey is the king. Lord Varys tells him the news but Ned refuses to do so. Varys reminds Ned about his daughters’ lives by saying “Is that a precious thing to you?”

Ned says that his life in of no value to him and he doesn’t want to confess and that he’d forsake his honor, but these words strike at him and now he maybe reconsidering his decision.

“Live with the choice you make”

On their way to King’s Landing, Robb and Catelyn Stark must cross the Trident River and in order to do that they must ask cooperation from Lord Walder Frey. Catelyn goes to his castle and persuades him to cooperate. She comes back to Robb, telling him the conditions- arranged marriages for Arya to one of the lord’s sons and also a marriage for Robb to one of the lord’s daughters. Being left with no other choice, Robb accepts the terms and they are able to cross the river.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 9 “Catelyn making a deal with Frey”

At the Lannister’s war camp we see the strategies and conversations for the battle that follows. The Starks attacked their war camp but only a small number of men were sent to fight. Later in this episode 9 of Game of thrones season 1 we learn that it was a diversion from the Starks so they could be able to catch Jaime as their prisoner. Although very good move from the Starks, Robb is aware that they are far from winning the war.

Jon Snow receives a sword from the Lord Commander of Castle Black as a gratitude to Jon for saving his life. The excitement he feels immediately fades away when he hears the news about Robb’s plans. Knowing that his father is in prison and that the rest of the family prepares for war, he becomes restless and wants to join his family.

Maester Aemon reminds Jon of his vows to the watch, revealing that he is a Targaryen, the uncle of the Mad King. He was well aware that the Lannisters destroyed his family, but he still stayed loyal to the watch. “Stay or go,” he tells Jon. “You must make that choice yourself … and live with it the rest of your days. As I have.”

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 9 “Jon talking with Maester Aemon”

“Demonic ritual”

As they travel across Essos, Khal Drogo falls down from his horse. He is in a very bad condition and they must make camp so the khal can rest. Drogo has several hours left to live but Daenerys asks for the which to come and save him. The which tells Daenerys that she can perform dark magic and to do that she needs the khal’s horse and forbids everybody to enter the tent during the ceremony.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 9 “The start of the ritual”

While everybody wait outside Drogo’s tent, most of the tribe disagrees with this demonic ritual and so one of them threatens Daenerys and pushes her on the ground. Ser Jorah steps in and kills the man. But it’s too late, now that Daenerys is hurt she must enter the tent and give birth to the child.

We can feel how the scary sounds that can be heard from the tent swallow Daenerys into darkness as she enters the tent, like a bad omen for her and her child.

“No mercy”

And finally we get to the scene we’ve all been waiting for-Ned’s trial. Ayra sees the people on the streets rushing toward Baelor’s Sept and so she follows them. She sees her father, the king and his mother and her sister Sansa as well standing there, waiting for the final confession and judgment.

Ned makes public false confession of treason and accepts Joffrey as the rightful heir and true king only so that he can save his daughters. Joffrey tells the audience that both his mother and Sansa asked him for mercy but he replies to that “So long as I am king, treason will not go unpunished …Bring me his head!”

Game Of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 9 “Ned admits his crimes”

After this statement we can see Cersei trying to dissuade him from this decision, but it’s too late. Yes, the executioner approaches Ned and in this slow motion scene we can even feel his thoughts – What have I done? In the crow, Ayra is found by Yoren of the Night’s Watch and he tries to push her away from this scene so that she couldn’t see her father’s execution.

We see Ned telling prayers before his head goes off of his shoulders. It’s a tragic end for this honorable man and the real start of the war between the Starks and the Lannisters.

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