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Game Of Thrones Review Season 6 (Episode 7)
Game of thrones-trailers season 7

Ok people, winter has come, this is real, fire and ice will fight each other, the real war is near and we have to remind ourselves of several important details from previous seasons of Game of thrones.

In the following trailer, which is fan-made, you can easily remind yourself of some of the greatest moments in previous seasons.

Very original and touching, “Reign” leads us from the past to the future, mixing our emotions and leaves us with the desire for more.

The filming of the new season has already begun. HBO offers us a teaser trailer “In Production” for Game of thrones season 7. We can see the production of several things that can lead us guessing the plot of the new season.

Although we want to see more, we have to be satisfied with this teaser until an official trailer is made by HBO. Enjoy.

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