Jason Momoa’s New Show On Netflix Is Like Canadian “Game Of Thrones”

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Jason Momoa

Not long ago, Netflix released the trailer for its new Jason Momoa-led series, Frontier. After watching the trailer you can’t help but notice some parallels to HBO’s most popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’.  The visuals, the harsh terrain, the accents, all of it reminds to ‘Game of Thrones’.


Jason Momoa has also been cast as a ruthless warrior, just as his role was in ‘Game of Thrones’- the ruthless Khal Drogo.

Drogo and Daenerys

Apparently Momoa is best in this kind of roles so that’s why he was chosen for this Netflix show. Will he be as good as he was in Khal Drogo’s role?

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  1. Max says:

    Jason is the true choice of any director for a role such as this! His performance in Game of Thrones was amazing! He was my favorite character and I was very disappointed when hi died! i really thought that he will kill everybody in this freaking Game of Thrones world! Sadly, the pleasure of seeing Jason Momoa in the series was taken away from me. However, I still believe that he will return in the show, one was or the other. He may come back in Daenerys’ visions, or maybe he will resurrect in some other way?? Who knows, we can only hope! Until then, lets cheer for Jon Snow and Daenerys, they may restore peace in Westeros and take down those fuc*ing Lannister!!!

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