LEAKED! New Exciting Pictures Of Game Of Thrones Season 7

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Old Town Is Placed In Cáceres, Spain! Season 7 New Leaked Pictures

Fans just can’t stop posting pictures about the Game of Thrones filming in Spain. These new pictures presents a whole new direction of the story. Be careful! The images present a lot of spoilers!

So, several images appeared from the set in Croatia, and what we can see from the pictures is Jaime and Cersei preparing for battle.

New photos from set in Croatia #gotseason7 #got7

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So far Croatia was mainly the place where King’s Landing was filmed, so we suppose that there will be an attack on King’s Landing.

New photos from set in Croatia #got7 #gotseason7

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Apart from these pictures from Croatia, spoiler images from Cáceres, Spain appeared on the social media that give the story a whole new direction. You can see it for yourselves in the pictures below:

It looks like Yara is being captured by Euron. But she is not the only one. It seems like Euron has more prisoners.

We know that Yara and the Sand family members were on Daenerys’ side, as for Euron, well it looks like he joined Cersei since the filming set looks very much like King’s Laning. He may be taking his prisoners to Cersei? What’s your theory?

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