Leaked Pictures Prove That King’s Landing Is Moving To Spain In Game Of Thrones Season 7

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SPOILER ALERT! Game of Thrones is returning with season 7 in summer 2017. This post contains a lot of spoilers! You have been warned!

Ok here we go! A lot of spoiler pictures appear on the social media and we get the information that the main actions are filming in Spain.


New leaked pictures prove that the new set will be in the city of Cáceres, Spain.


It is said that this will be the new King’s Landing for season 7 and the filming will begin on December 14.

The previous filming was at Los Barruecos and it lasted for three weeks now. A great battle scene was filmed at Los Barruecos and it is supposed to be finished now so the crew is moving to Cáceres.


Although the filming in Cáceres is supposed to end in several days, we believe that something very important will be filmed here. What’s your opinion? Write in the comments below!

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