The North In Game Of Thrones Will Be Torn Apart- The Theory Is Confirmed!

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Finally, the theory R+L=J is confirmed by the ‘Game of Thrones’ showrunners . They say that the best way to answer a question is by not answering at all. It seemed very appropriate that Bran is the one who got the answer to that question and confirmed the theory R+L=J.


This video also confirms Bran’s direction. He ends season 6 with the knowledge of Jon’s true parentage and now he is headed North, to find his family.

Now what can this mean for Jon who has just been acknowledged as ‘The King in The North’?

Obviously, Jon’s reign will come to an end if Bran manages to come back to Winterfell. Why is this so? Well, as you remember from season 6, Lord Baelish tried hard to turn Sansa against Jon.

With this theory being confirmed, Baelish has even more reasons to stand behind Sansa and claim her to be the true Wardeness of The North.

Game Of Thrones News

However, Bran is the only male heir of the house Stark, and maybe he will claim the title Warden of The North? It’s a very complicated situation and even more questions have been raised.

Still, there is no official announcement of future events, only theories and speculations circle around the social media. Who do you think deserves best to claim the North? Write in the comments below!

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  1. Samuel says:

    Thanks God, we finally know the answer to the question. This would be a real mess, next season a lot of interesting thing are about to happen. This theory of your is one of them, I really think that there will be war for the North again, but this time between Jon and Littlefinger who will support Sansa in the claim for the North. Don’t forget the lords of the North, I think they will support Jon, but the lords ov the Vale will stand with Sansa and Littlefinger. So yes, I think we are going to see another Northern fight in next season. Can’t wait!!!

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