What Really happened in Stormborn – Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

Nymeria Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 – Stormborn – Trailer Breakdown
The Iron Throne
No Game of Thrones Spin-off Until a Year After Season 8 Finale
Nymeria Game of Thrones

Do they all have a MAD gene in their blood?

Dany and Thyrion Game of Thrones

First let’s start from the title, Stormborn. When Dany was born, there was a huge storm at Dragonstone and now when she arrives in her birthplace the weather is not quite what she expects, and she doesn’t feel at home. I don’t think that Dragonstone will be some sort of a comfort for her like she thought it will be.

We see Daenerys in dragonstone with her council. She approaches Varys and questions his loyalty. Now that’s OK, but she could do without the “I’ll burn you alive” part.
Varys on the other hand comes from the streets and is interest is with the poor and unlucky people from the street. I think he will turn the tides once he gets to know Jon a little more and Dany won’t be his prime candidate for the Iron Throne.

On one side Tyrion is managing to keep Daenerys from burning down westeros, on the other she has Olenna telling her to be a dragon among sheep. And do you remember what the dragons did to the sheep in the past seasons. Smells like barbecue to me.

Westeros postal service
Jon Snow Game of Thrones

Jon receives a letter, and then another letter. Pigeons just keep flying in and out of Winterfell.  I don’t think they are scared of the wolves, and the northern council isn’t scared of the white wolf either.  It looks like they are more scared of the little bear with an attitude,  Lyanna.
Anyhow, Jon wants dragonglass and he wants Danny’s army so he heads out to Dragonstone to bend the knee, or not. He leaves Sansa in charge, to keep things calm, at least with her. We’ll see.

Before Jon leaves, Littlefinger teases him about the things he will do to his sister. Ok he didn’t say that but you all know it was what he meant.  Jon snaps and chokes Littlefinger threatening to kill him. A moment of pleasure, yet I somehow think it was what Littlefinger wanted.

Cersei is beating the odds
crossbow Game of Thrones

In king’s Landing, Cersei, after realizing (read Jamie told her) that she is greatly outnumbered and from all sides, tries to convince everyone that would listen that Daenerys is going to burn down the realm. And she might be right. Those dragons didn’t come here to play, but Cersei has a big toy gun for them, complements from maester Qyburn.  Seriously, that’s one huge crossbow.

And after Euron sneaking up (with one thousand ships) and burning Danny’s Greyjoy fleet killing almost everyone, capturing Yara, Ellaria and one of the Sand Snakes, Cersei is getting back in the game.
Now Euron has the gift. Will Cersei marry him and what will Jamie do to Euron then.
That Theon though…

Oh Nymeria, you’ve grown so much. Who are your friends?
nymeria arya Game of Thrones

The moment we have all been waiting for. And we’ve been waiting a long time. The Arya and Nymeria reunion.  Arya having discovered the events that took place in Winterfell in the past, decides to go back.  She almost gets eaten by Nymeria and her pack on the way.
It wasn’t what I’ve been expecting. I thought they would hug and cuddle in the snow once Nymeria recognizes Arya, but this is Game of Thrones and this is the way we like it.

A little friendly advice.  The scene where Sam cuts Jorah, don’t eat while watching Game of Thrones.

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