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Game Of Thrones Musical

‘Game of Thrones: The Musical’ is a cooperation with the British band ‘Coldplay’ and cast members from ‘Game of Thrones’. It’s not for real though; this is a short comedy sketch for Red Nose Day USA.

How did it all begin?

According to the video, the ‘Coldplay’ members Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion came up with the idea to work on a Musical of TV sensation ‘Game of Thrones’. The band members are also a long time fans of the show and the drummer Will Champion actually took part in the show and acted in ‘The Red Wedding’ episode.

Game Of Thrones Musical

The band gathered in a recording studio in Los Angeles to work up the 16 songs that are required for a full Broadway stage production. Finally, after months of planning and writing, Chris Martin has invited the entire cast of ‘Game of Thrones’ to recruit them into the live Broadway show.

Game Of Thrones Musical

Was it a successful project?

In a very original and hilarious way the preparations and rehearsals for the Musical develop from being ‘the worst idea ever’ to ‘it’s going to be a triumph’! A lot ‘Game of Thrones’ cast finally appear in the workshop and very funny moments occur between them, like when Theon and Ramsay meet each other or Jojen’s prediction for Samwell Tarly.

Game Of Thrones Musical

The video is very funny and it’s interesting to see how some of your favorite characters from ‘Game of Thrones’ sing and perform.


Jaime Lannister got involved at the end of the video and so did Tyrion.

Game Of Thrones Musical

They both perform hilarious songs and they are quite good singing them. Even Daenerys was convinced to perform the song called ‘Rastafarian Targaryen’.

Game Of Thrones Musical

Finally, the video says, George R.R. Martin heard the idea and he said NO! We must say that the band ‘Coldplay’ did their job very well and made us laugh out loud. We also must give ‘Coldplay’ credit for their great acting and the stunning idea.

Watch the whole video for more fun!

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