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IMDb Has Listed Release Date For Game Of Thrones Season 7 And You Are Not Going To Like It!

Game of Thrones season 6 had the greatest finale till date. However, soon after the season got over, the fans received bad news regarding the next season since HBO confirmed that the next season would premiere much later than usual. What seems worse is that there would be only 7 episodes, instead of the usual […]
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Tyrion Will Die Next In Game Of Thrones Season 7!

Don’t be so surprised! Tyrion will die in next season of Game of Thrones. He is the most lovable character in the series so we strongly believe that George R.R. Martin will definitely kill him. It’s just a theory, so don’t get too excited about it. Why is this so? George R.R. Martin likes to […]
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The World Suffers From Jason Momoa’s Loss

In a world full of great warriors Jason Momoa was the greatest warrior among them all. He was glorious, fearsome and ruthless but still a caring and  loving husband. Unfortunately, the producers of the show decided to take this character away or was it George R.R. Martin? However, the Game of Thrones world suffers after […]

LEAKED! New Exciting Pictures Of Game Of Thrones Season 7

Fans just can’t stop posting pictures about the Game of Thrones filming in Spain. These new pictures presents a whole new direction of the story. Be careful! The images present a lot of spoilers! Seems like the Queensguard will get new – beautiful – armours next season…. Thanks to @digutierrezcastro for sending us these. A […]
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George R. R. Martin Says That Thing Will Get Worse In ‘The Winds Of Winter’

Game of Thrones season 7 will start in the Summer 2017 but the book on which the series is based upon is yet to see the sixth sequel. George R. R. Martin said that he will be spending a lot of time writing the sixth book and we might wait a while longer for the […]
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Stunning Game Of Thrones Predictions For Season 8

The filming of season 7 has already begun and huge spoilers circle in the social media. Several paparazzi pictures leaked and fans are making predictions for Game of Thrones season 7. Huge spoilers appeared on a user’s account on reddit and it seems like the entire plot for season 7 leaked. So, we might as […]

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The stars of Game of Thrones talk about their defeat in episode 3

The gift that was promised by Euron has arrived in King’s Landing. Defeated by her uncle and betrayed by her brother, Gemma Whelan talks about her humiliating experience to Entertainment Weekly. “She’s just being humiliated. My reaction to that was he could have done something far sicker to her,” she said. “It’s quite tame to […]
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No Game of Thrones Spin-off Until a Year After Season 8 Finale

The thought of a series like Game of Thrones ending is somewhat unbearable. We are all currently enjoying season 7, and next year hopefully we’ll have season 8. And that’s it? Well, not quite. There were a lot of rumors about a spin-off and we all know HBO will not let something so popular end […]
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What Really happened in Stormborn – Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

Do they all have a MAD gene in their blood? First let’s start from the title, Stormborn. When Dany was born, there was a huge storm at Dragonstone and now when she arrives in her birthplace the weather is not quite what she expects, and she doesn’t feel at home. I don’t think that Dragonstone […]
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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 – Stormborn – Trailer Breakdown

Jon Snow heading to Dragostone to meet Daenerys The video starts with Yon Royce (A Knight of the Vale) saying to Jon that he cannot trust a Targaryen. This leads us to believe that Jon will head out to meet Daenerys after receiving a letter from her asking for his presence, or from Sam telling […]
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The Stars From Game Of Thrones Talk About Dragonstone

The thrill is back!  The premiere of season seven of Game of Thrones was opened in a most shocking way. However, it was satisfying to see Arya’s revenge on those Frey suckers that wiped out almost her entire family. Maisie Williams talks about her character’s opening scene in Entertainment Weekly. Maisie says that even Arya, who […]
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Ed Sheeran Deletes his Twitter Account after Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

For the true fans of Game of Thrones and Ed Sheeran, it was no surprise that he will appear in season 7. Ok, maybe weren’t expecting him in the season’s premiere, but there he goes. Shortly after the premiere and criticism over his cameo appearance, Ed Sheeran has deleted his account on Twitter. A post […]
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Game of Thrones Season 7 has Broken the Viewers Record!

The moment we have been all waiting for has finally arrived! Game of Thrones is back after its longest wait. The first episode of season 7 “Dragonstone” has broken the record of the preceding episodes of show. Since the finale for season six brought record ratings for the show, one could assume that Game of […]
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Refresh Your Memory With GOT Season 1-6 Recap Trailer

Are you ready? Game of Thrones Season 7 is on our doorstep! Within hours, we will finally have the first look of the new season! But first, let us remind ourselves of what happened in previous seasons and where we were left with the story. HBO has made a pretty detailed recap trailer to refresh […]
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Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere New Release Date Hinted by Liam Cunningham

The release date for the premiere for season 7 of Game of Thrones is once again postponed. We all thought it would be a regular April release date until we had a supposed IMDb leak about a postponed premiere on the 25th of June , which made some of us sad but enraged most of us. We […]

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Prepare for a bloody Westeros

I think they are preparing us for the end. We saw a lot of heads cut off and throats slashed and a lot of blood and death so far, but its nothing compared to what were gonna see next. Just think about it. Cersei is queen, that has violence written all over. Jon has an army. Dany has a HUGE army and dragons.She is planing to set them loose in Westeros. The Night King has an undead army that almost no one knows how to beat. He just keeps killing people and raising them as wights. Westeros is gonna be a bloodbath next season.

The bad things in season 5

A lot of things in season 5 that got my blood boiling.First they buried Tywin. I liked him he was a real badass. Arya is forced to give up everything. Sansa has to marry that sick bastard Ramsay. The Sparrow and his militants ban the whores and the alcohol, that's never a good idea. The sons of the harpy are just stabbing everybody. Ser Baristan Dies. Stannis burns his daughter alive. Dany is kidnapped by a horde of Dothraki, and Jon Dies. Not that the other seasons were something better, but this one really had me clenching my fists. And don't get me wrong, i like it when a show does that to me. It means its worth watching.

New Religion

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Cersei tries so hard to keep her place in the realm and so she gives power to religion so that she can take Margaery off the picture. Things didn't go as she planned. Instead completing her mission, Cersei ended up in prison for her crimes and she was made to walk the walk of atonement. However, she has the Mountain back by her side so she will probably get back to those religious men in next season. I very much like to see that.

Greatest deaths

'Game of Thrones' presents most brutal deaths and the story seems to be very catchy. This season has very brutal death scenes. First, Arya takes another name off of her list. Next, the king dies on his own wedding day (maybe this is some poetic justice for the Starks' deaths at the Frey's wedding). The wildlings raged in a village, killing a lot of people there. The last son of Craster is offered to the 'Gods' but we cannot be sure what really happened to it, since the night King maybe turned him into a walker. The mutineers are killed by the Night's Watch men. Lady Lysa is pushed through the 'Moon door' by Baelish. Oberyn is killed by the Mountain. Yiggrite dies in the fight at the Wall and finally, Tyrion kills Shae and his father on his way to escape. All of these deaths were very touching and interesting to see.

The king is dead

Finally! We all have been waiting for that son of a bi**h to die! This season seams to be the greatest due to Joffrey's death! However, I was very sorry to see that Tyrion was accused for his death. I really believe he is innocent. The king's death caused many changes in the series and the story headed in new direction. Tommen is the new king now but still the true leader behind the curtains is Tywin. Oberyn tried to defend Tyrion but he was blinded by his desire for revenge so he failed. Finally, Tyrion was able to escape with the help of his brother Jaime but on his way he killed his lover and what is most important Tyrion killed his father Tywin. The Lannister empire will come to an end.

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